These Community Resources are options for low cost or free care services that can be accessed to help with your care-giving needs.


Alzheimer’s Association
Expert Resource on Dementia

California Health Advocates
Medicare in California
http://www.cahealthadvocates .org

Medicaid Integrated Services

Cancer in Older Adults
Cancer Education for Elderly

Family Caregivers
Family Caregiver Resources

Meal Services
Meals on Wheels
Meals program to support those unable to prepare their own meals, serving nearly 2.4 million seniors in the U.S.

Long Term Care Resources and Advocacy
The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long Term Care

Adult Day Care
Services for Older Adults and Their Families
Administration on Aging

Senior Transportation Services

Senior Driving Evaluations through AAA .com

Senior Transportation Options in Northern California
http://www.paratransit .org


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