Summertime Killer – Heat Stroke Easier Than You Think

The risk of heat stroke is spiking in large sections of the U.S. this summer.

The CDC and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently issued a warning about dangerously hot weather in the Midwest and Southern US for July of 2016. Dangerously high heat is a heat index of 90 degrees or higher, and can lead to heat stroke. The Heat Index is calculated using the temperature and relative humidity.

Heat Stroke is Especially Dangerous for Old and Young

People at highest risk for heat related death are the very young (ages 0-4) and very old (over 85) and those who have chronic medical problems or take certain medications. Sadly, thousands of premature deaths due to excessive heat are predicted again this summer. Don’t let it be you or your family! Sources: American Family Physician Take this quiz to assess your risk and take action to prevent a heat-related death.

Heat Stroke Risk Test

Fill out this form to assess the serious risk of heat stroke.

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